The Loan Company Financing Advantages

Our Lending Team


We are a reliable, experienced team of real estate financing professionals you can count on to get your loan closed quickly.  We are flexible, creative and use a common sense approach to underwriting income property loans. 

We originate, underwrite, fund, and service all our loans right here in San Diego. We know the local market and have a vested interest in making quality loans in our community.


bulletnew Faster
      One Phone Call - One Straight Answer

  • It begins with a phone call to The Loan Company and you will receive a quick, courteous decision whether your loan can be funded.
  • We will give you an answer on the spot if the request fits our general parameters. Final approval is subject to review of borrower information and physical inspection of the property. Many times no appraisal will be needed.
  • As a private lender, The Loan Company can bypass many typical regulations required by conventional lending institutions, making the loan process quick and easy.

bulletnew Simpler
      Common Sense Underwriting Guidelines

  • We have streamlined the loan process to minimize documentation and often approve and fund a loan within days of your request.
  • You talk to the decision maker, making the loan process quicker, easier and smoother.
  • We are a direct private lender committed to providing high quality service to our borrowers. We are not a financial institution with layers of checklists and approval requirements.

bulletnew Better
      Competitive Pricing...Superior Service

  • The Loan Company has an impeccable history of integrity and proven success for over 40 years in the San Diego County area, providing borrowers the highest quality customer service in the market.
  • We see value in client relationships that most other lenders fail to recognize, and attribute much of the success of The Loan Company to repeat and referral business from client relationships established over many years.
  • We offer competitive pricing with a better quality of service only a private lender can provide. We service all our loans in San Diego, so if you have questions, we are here to assist you.