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Commercial Real Estate Financing

financingWe offer an alternative for the borrower who wants the personal service of a private lender, but not the high cost; the reputation of a stable lender, but not the bureaucracy.

The better loan is one that not only finances a commercial transaction at a reasonable rate, but also one where the process is fast and simple and the service is superior.

Excellence and Integrity Every Step of the Way

As a private direct lender, The Loan Company has built its business and reputation on integrity and steady, solid growth. Since the beginning, The Loan Company has established quality in every dimension of the enterprise. We have chosen to focus geographically in the San Diego County area where we know the real estate market.

Real Estate Lending Focus

Real estate loans considered from $150,000 to $3,000,000 on all improved income property types.

bullet We accommodate all income property types that make sense (both investor and owner/user). This includes but is not limited to the un-flagged motel, the mixed-use commercial/residential property, the residential investment property, or special purpose properties.

bullet We offer longer term permanent loans, unlike most other private lenders who only seek short-term bridge loans at high rates and fees.