Client Testimonials



At 61 years old & countless loans over my time I can tell you that The Loan Company has been one of the easiest transactions to achieve our real‐estate needs.

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Brian, Natthacha Bolton



"I wanted to thank you for believing in me and the project from the beginning. I appreciate your help with financing the project and ..."

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Best regards,
Hesham Shmouni
President, H.S properties



"I want to thank you for opening the door for me and allowing me to have the opportunity to do business with you and your company."

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Shawn Kattoula



Be sure that up until now, and going forward, anyone I meet that needs a great lender and real genuine people to work with, I will be sending your way.

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Jesse L. Thomas



"Just wanted to say thank you again for the loan"

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Dan Dillard



"You'll get personalized service you don't get with big banks"

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Ojay Pagano & Laura Lopez King



"I am grateful for the opportunities to work with this company and its incredible team"

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Chau Pham, President, Golden Investment Group



"It is clear you run an well oiled machine."

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Pat Geary | CEO
CEG Advisors



You guys are true professionals....

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David Kassler
Pacific West Finance and Development Company



I was truly impressed with The loan company’s turn times, efficiency, and professionalism"

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Mortgage Broker: D. Palomera Jr.



"Thanks for helping us grow our business and financial success over the years."

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Rammy Cortez
Hub and Spoke Communities



"The Loan Company has made so much possible for our company."

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Amir Mousevi



"We are proud to be one of the beneficiary of your creative type and reliable/flexible financing."

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Pie & Sol Roque
El Primero Botique Hotel




"... was another great loan as always"

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Dan Dillard



I would definitely recommend The Loan Company to friends and family.

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Ziyad Osachi



"The Loan Company was very efficient and professional, and their rates are extremely competitive."

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Ron Nevels
Express Champion Services



"The Loan Company is a stretegic partner for my real estate development..."

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June Yu Enterprises (multi family development Co.)



"Salt of the Earth..."

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John Fike
5-Star Holdings


"I would highly recommend the team at The Loan Company to anyone who wants an honest, professional lender that consistently does what they say they will do."

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Michael Donovan
SDPB Holdings



“The Loan Company provides a competent and professional service..."

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Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley Group





"The Loan Company did an amazing job."

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Catherine A. Harrick
San Diego Historic Properties, Inc.



"From start to finish the team at The Loan Company are true professionals in service..."

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Leslie Wang, Managing Director
Wealthplus Management Group.



"Once again, you guys have come through for me efficiently and reliably."

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Jamo Kennedy
3G Development, Inc.



"great doing business with your firm again."

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Mike Corless 
President of Buildtech Unlimited, Inc. 




"This was by far the fastest, and smoothest, loan closing I have encountered."

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Brian Gorman

JBB Development Group



"Not having to worry about looking for the 'Funding' piece of the puzzle, allows me to focus on
sorting out new opportunities that come my way."

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Mario J Teran
TB Wraps



"The service provided by John, Darcy and staff is competitive, efficient and personable."

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Mike Corless
President of BuildTech Unlimited, Inc.


"I would recommend them to any real estate developer looking for a down-to-earth lender who understands the process."

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Matt Mellos
InDev | Invest + Develop



"I have been involved in dozens of real estate transactions and this process was the most efficient, professional and straightforward transaction I’ve been a part of."

Robert Letson Button

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"Their rates and fees are always extremely competitive and they're willing to think outside the box when it's needed."

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Kyle Whissel
Whissel Realty



"I truly appreciate the speed and efficiency"

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Terry Taylor
ACI Apartments Inc.



"They are my go to lender when I need an outside the box deal financed."

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Andy A. Brikho
Brikho Home Loans




"I would never even think of going anywhere else but The Loan Company for any future investment opportunities..."

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Mr. Kelly S. Turner


"They consistently go beyond our expectations"

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Kevin Hemstreet, President

South Coast Commercial Properties, Inc.



"The Loan Company allows me to do three times the business using the same amount of cash"

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Michael Copley, REALTOR / Consultant,
Re/Max Coastal Properties



"They made the loan process extremely easy"

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Chris Hakim, Broker



"I would not hesitate to return or to recommend the organization to anyone..."

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Lorraine Sulser


"I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!"

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Jim Lackey
Encinitas, CA


"... thank you for the expediency in the process of the loan"

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Raul Landau


"The Loan Company fits a special niche in lending to people like myself"

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Gloria Poore


“They were able to underwrite and complete our loan quickly and without the roadblock of many traditional lenders.”

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Dan Smith
Secured Capital, LTD


“you are the real deal Direct Lender”

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Rammy Cortez
Rammy Urban Infill



“It was an absolute pleasure working with you”

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Alex Mickle
AVM Properties


“I would not be currently where I am with my business without The Loan Company”

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Vijay Naik



"I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, prompt service and effort to make obtaining and funding loans a streamlined process."

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David J. Klose



“A big thank you to the entire team”

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Ebi Shariff



"They made everything easy and took away the worry"

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Harold Baker



"Dealing with The Loan Company is always an efficient, seamless and professional process"

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Francis E. Winfield



“The Loan Company continues to have the best rates for private money available”

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Daniel Dillard


“You always deliver what was discussed…and then some”

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Francis Winfield
Sunrise Mortgage & Investment Company



"The Loan Company came through for us when our client was in need."

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Jay Hibert, President
Market Street Financial Solutions



“They are one of those lenders that you can count on”

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Amar Harrag 


“Simple and easy transaction. The staff is wonderful.”

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Daniel Dillard 



“The Loan Company acted quickly when we needed them to without a hitch like the mega banks.”

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Hy Sao
MTH Mast Energy LLC



“The Loan Company is a very professional, extremely efficient and honest organization.”

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ReMax United


“I wholeheartedly recommend them completely.”

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Gregg Alexander
RE/MAX United


“The Loan Company has been a pleasant surprise in the hard money space.”

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Scott D.
Immobilier Funds


“The Loan Company acted fast when I needed them the most!!”

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Nicholas Davison
Sterling Investment Group, Inc.


“It was a pleasure working with them and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a loan.”

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Barry and Linda O'Brien


"“You made the financing process simple, hassle free, and with no unreasonable underwriting requirements.” 

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Max Zaker
Zaker Group


"The Loan Company represents private money at its best..."

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R. Flynn




"It was the timely and creative financing provided to me and my partners that allowed us to acquire an excellent investment property here in San Diego County."

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Cody Evans
South Coast Commercial, Inc.



"I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of everyone at the Loan Company, especially John and
Darcy. They were able to respond to my needs instantly and fund my loan in a matter of days."

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Frank Grady
President & Creative Director, Grady Advertising



"In today’s real estate environment, working directly with decision makers that understand the real estate markets (to include the capital markets), makes for timely decision making which usually translates into the preservation of profits during acquisition. "

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John Brackett
Managing Director, Fidelity Business Partners


"Darcy and John made my first apartment project experience seamless."

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Pam Kietikajorn
TPK Properties LLC


"John and Darcy at the Loan Company are by far the most responsive and easiest to deal with."

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Casey Price
San Diego, CA



"My experience with The Loan Company was flawless!  John and Darcy were extremely helpful and made the financing for this investment property a seamless transaction.  I will definitely be back!"

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Dave F.
San Diego, CA


"We are all EXTREMELY HAPPY with your outstanding performance and your willingness to go the extra mile to help us in this critical situation. YOU ARE ... TRULY REMARKABLE."

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Brian R. North
Axia Real Estate Group, Inc.



"It was refreshing to work with you and your team during this  process."

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John A. Warner



"Your terms were better than your competitors and you closed on time even though we had to work through a title issue."

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Jamo Kennedy
3G Development, Inc.


"I can’t express how easy it is to work with you and your company."

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Richard A. Woosley
Richard & Richard Construction Inc.



"It has been a pleasure working with you and your company over these last few transactions.
Every one of them have closed very efficiently and under the same terms as originally disclosed."

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Jeff Sharp
Cornerstone Mortgage Group


"I am very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the service provided to close escrow.  Thank you for all of your help."

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Joe Ramos
South Coast Commercial, Inc.


"Thank you for contacting the short sale lender to bring my deal back to life."

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Chau Pham
Pham Investment Holdings


"I was pleasantly surprised at how efficiently The Loan Company processed a tough transaction while being pushed
to and accomplishing an early close. Great job!"

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Chris Townson
San Diego Bank Homes - RE/MAX Associates


"In my Thirteen years as a Real Estate Professional I have never met such a diligent, ethical, and honest Lender."

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David Cameron
South Coast Commercial Inc.


“When the seller finally gave us approval, you funded rapidly. ”

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David Bensoussan
SW & D Limited Partnership


“I was very pleased with the quality of the service that you and your firm provided on my recent closing.”

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Edward Suleiman
San Diego County Properties, Inc.



“I strongly recommend The Loan Company and look forward to jointly participating on more opportunities in the future.”

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Mario J. Teran
TB Wraps, Inc.



“You also made it possible for me to move quickly on a ‘fixer’ deal I was competing for with five other buyers. 
I won, and couldn’t have done it without your help."

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Alec Mackenzie
General Contractor Inc.,



“We appreciate The Loan Company filling a much needed niche for investor loans in this most difficult lending climate.”

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Michael and Michele Kole
Koleco Financial



“They were fast and efficient when I needed deals done quickly and accurately.”

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Richard Moore
Moore Properties



“I have and will continue to refer The Loan Company to other business associates as being ethical and professional ...”

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Dennis Bragg
Done Right Partners



“... highly recommend you giving them a shot if you are in need of alternative financing with reasonable rates and loan fees.”

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Jenna Materasso
Capital Real Estate Finance



“I was very impressed with your firm’s professionalism and speed in which you were able to fund the loan.”

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Marcus Carter
GNT Financial Services Corp.



“You were creative and realistic on our unique transaction.”

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JD Bols
JD Bols & Associates



“Starting the process late on a Friday afternoon and funding by Thursday the following week was amazing and much appreciated!!!”

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Bob Black
The Mortgage Guild



“I have been doing business with The Loan Company for over five years now, and I have received over 20 loans from them. I have always found everyone there to be very professional.”

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William E. Lewallen
South Coast Real Estate Corp.




“They are fast, efficient, easy to work with, and no-nonsense; they see the big picture and move forward of the deal makes sense.”

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Donna Maestas
Scripps Realty Advisors