Investor Benefits

The Loan Company is a partnership managed by the general partner. Investors become limited partners whose monies are invested in a single pool of real estate-secured loans. Below are eight specific benefits to limited partners:

bullet Security
85-90% of The Loan Company’s portfolio is in first trust deeds; 10-15% is in junior trust deeds. We target income-producing properties.

bullet Income Stream
Our loans provide a safe, predictable, fixed income to the investor. Distributions are made quarterly.

bullet Diversification
The investment risk and return on investment is spread over multiple loans with no one borrower exceeding 5% of the Partnership’s net worth.

bullet Compounding Interest Available
Investors may automatically reinvest interest distributions to take advantage of compound interest. This is not available in alternative fractional interest investment opportunities or individually owned trust deeds.

bullet IRA Investment Opportunity
The Loan Company allows you to invest through your IRA taking advantage of the tax benefits, as well as compound interest for a safe, secure long-term investment.

bullet Remain Fully Invested
An investor’s funds are always invested with no down time, unlike fractional interest trust deeds or individually owned trust deeds where timing and change of investments can result in constant investor involvement and lower overall returns.

bullet Hedge Against Inflation
A majority of The Loan Company’s loans are adjustable rate mortgages. In addition, approximately 20% of the loan portfolio matures annually with loans rewritten at the then current market rates.

bullet Liquidity
Except to protect the integrity of the Partnership, Limited Partners may, with proper notice, withdraw their investment after three years with no penalty.


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