The uniqueness of The Loan Company is its ethic and culture of integrity, quality, and diligence. Slowly cultivated over 35 years, our aim has been to be better in every dimension of the business.


Getting Started as an Investor

Thank you for considering investing. The Loan Company provides a unique real estate investment vehicle with a focus on reliable fixed income from a diversified pool of loans secured by improved properties (thus reducing risk and diversifying the investment over multiple properties). There are many benefits (as well as risks) associated with our program and such investments should be considered carefully.

bullet Investor Requirements

Our minimum investment is $100,000. Investors must be “accredited investors” and meet the following minimum criteria for net worth, not including personal residence: $1,000,000 net worth or individual income in excess of $200,000, or joint income of $300,000, in each of the two most recent years. Please contact us for more information.

bullet Other Advantages
Local Focus and Expertise
With a local rather than national loan focus, The Loan Company has the advantage of established, long-term relationships. This gives us quick access and greater accuracy when making loan decisions, which in turn increases the quality and safety of loans funded.

Independent Audit
The Partnership’s financial integrity is verified through annual third party audited financial statements, ensuring investors of our commitment to integrity through accountability.

The Loan Company believes strongly in transparency. To this end, a committee of Limited Partners meets quarterly with the General Partner and is kept current regarding all pertinent Partnership developments.

Prudent Fiscal Management
The Loan Company maintains an adequate reserve for potential loan losses showing its commitment to prudent fiscal management.

Principals are Investors
The individuals underwriting the loans are Limited Partners in The Loan Company. They thereby have a vested interest in the credit quality and the preservation of the loan fund.

Steve Dillaway, Founder
The largest investor in The Loan Company is Founder, Steve Dillaway (and his family). Partners can thus be assured of the highest level of commitment to success from the management team.

Community Citizenship
The Loan Company expresses a unique commitment investing primarily in San Diego County, by funding and servicing investment real estate loans, and by targeting the real estate financing needs of San Diego’s diverse populations.

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Call us for more information about the partnership and investment opportunities.
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