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Thank you for the opportunity to share general information relating to the commercial real estate industry and what's new at The Loan Company of San Diego.

The Loan Company is a private direct lender, making commercial and residential real estate investment loans fast and easy. WE ARE COMPETITIVELY PRICED WITH RATES STARTING IN THE HIGH 7% RANGE. We specialize in real estate investment loans on all income property types, and we also consider renovation and construction loans on certain property types.

Where are the next new investment opportunities coming from? The real answer is more intangible than you may think.   Going forward I see a sluggish market with little change in the near future. There is too much capital chasing a few good deals slowly driving up prices, increasing risk and reducing return.

A majority of the loans we are funding for our successful borrowers are on deals they obtained through relationships, e.g., broker relationships with pocket listings and value added transactions not listed on the open market. 

The borrowers that have fostered good relationships with brokers, developers, lenders, attorneys, title companies and civic leaders are the ones that are seeing the best deals first. A combination of utilizing the relationships you have developed and being persistent, creative and patient is where you will find the next opportunities. 

Not to simplify the answer to a difficult question in today's economic environment; but developing solid relationships with integrity over time is a real solution to generating the best opportunities in the future.   Call me at 619-293-7770 ext. 20 today to see how we can help you.



Helping revitalize an urban office building with acquisition financing facilitating its redevelopment into the highest and best use. Paving the way for a better San Diego future.
$360,000 Purchase
4-Unit Apartment
San Diego, CA


$1,460,000 Purchase
Restaurant - Old Town
San Diego, CA


$225,000 Purchase/Rehab
Single Family Investment
Spring Valley, CA
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The Hidden Value of Content Marketing
By David Meerman Scott -
April 26, 2016

The fact that buyers reach your content through varied entry points including search engines, via social networks, and as links from other sites is often overlooked. Many people are dismissive of the value of writing a thoughtful blog, creating a video channel, or producing infographics because they underestimate the many ways that content is consumed.

When people are asked questions such as "Do you read blogs?" or "Do you use social media?" or "Do you go to video sharing sites?" the resulting data show rather small use compared to those who, say, use search engines or email.

The problem is people don’t realize how often they use different types of content and underestimate when asked, skewing data.

I frequently hear CEOs, CFOs, and VPs of marketing say things like: "Social media is not important, so we won't do it here. It is a waste of time." Other people say: "I don't read blogs, so how important are they?"

Social Connections  
This can be misleading and dangerous because content-resistant executives justify sticking exclusively to the methods that worked decades ago like advertising, direct mail, and cold calling.

These reactions miss two tremendously important points for marketing and PR people to understand:
  1. When asked "do you read blogs?" or "do you use social media?" many people answer "no". However, everyone uses Google or another search engine regularly and the search results frequently include blog posts or YouTube videos or social media content high in the search results. So even though people may report "no" when asked if they use these forms of content, everyone has landed on a blog, video, or social network through search. The Huffington Post is a blog yet most people don’t know that. Many people who reach blogs don't even know they are on a blog!
  2. When people ask their network for advice, they often do it via email or a social network like LinkedIn. Frequently the answer that comes back includes URLs to companies and products. And those links from friends, colleagues of family members often include blog posts. Frequently people ask their friends questions like: "What’s the best baby stroller to buy?" The answer may include a link to a blog post or a site with an embedded video. Again, the person asking for advice probably didn't even know they were on a blog or used a video-sharing site.

Don't let your bosses diminish the hidden value of social media as search engine fodder and as a valuable type of information that people share with their network.

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