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Thank you for the opportunity to share general information relating to the commercial real estate industry and what's new at The Loan Company of San Diego.

The Loan Company is a private direct lender, making commercial and residential real estate investment loans fast and easy. WE ARE COMPETITIVELY PRICED WITH RATES STARTING IN THE HIGH 7% RANGE. We specialize in real estate investment loans on all income property types, and we also consider renovation and construction loans on certain property types.


How can you discover and take advantage of the opportunities available in 2017?

To take advantage of a real estate investment opportunity, you need a financing source that is reliable, fast and predictable. An opportunity is only real if you can take advantage of it otherwise; it's just another transaction for someone else. In 2017 be that someone else who can take advantage of the opportunity with the Loan Company as your resource.

The Loan Company funded over $70 million in loans in 2016 with loan amounts ranging from $150,000 to $3,500,000. We currently have over $140 million in loan commitments outstanding. We not only have the ability to help you take advantage of the coming opportunities, but we have the capacity to make it happen!

The Loan Company is a niche real estate investment lender and not necessarily the best lender for every borrower. The best Loan Company borrower is someone who values timing, convenience, flexibility & creativity and quality customer service. If a borrower is not in any rush, doesn't need any flexibility or creativity in structuring a loan, and has a lot of cash equity with no credit issues, then that borrower may be able to get less expensive debt through other conventional sources. 

Our main priority is satisfying our client's needs whether The Loan Company funds the loan or not. If The Loan Company loan is not what the borrower needs, we don't want to fund it. Bottom line is; we want our clients to be satisfied regardless of who funds the loan. When we discover a borrower's loan request is not the best fit for The Loan Company, we often act as a consultant to help find the best lender that can accommodate their needs through our extensive lender network. Helping our clients achieve their financial goal is why we exist.

I believe no matter where we are in the real estate cycle there are always opportunities. So, as we go into 2017 and you come across an opportunity that needs some creativity in financing or where timing is critical, remember The Loan Company; Faster, Simpler, Better is our focus.

Call me in 2017 to see how I can help you.




The Loan Company made it possible for a local developer to purchase and construct a single family investment property in the community of Hillcrest in San Diego. The Loan Company is helping improve San Diego neighborhoods one building at a time.
$626,000 Purchase
6-Unit Apartment
Escondido, CA


$1,180,000 Construction
Two SFR Investment Props.
San Diego, CA


$303,000 Purchase
 Multi-Tenant Retail/Office
El Cajon, CA
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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Private "Hard Money" Lender
By John Lloyd

1.  Is the Lender a direct lender and do they have immediate access to their own funds? This is important because if a Lender does not have access to their own funds they may not be able to guarantee your loan will be funded when you need it.

2.    Is the Lender open to creative ideas?, e.g., will the Lender cross collateralize other properties to achieve higher leverage, refinance cash out options, etc.

3.    Does the Lender service their loans in-house? A Lender that services their own loans makes it much easier for the borrower to resolve issues that may arise subsequent to loan funding due to consistency and familiarity with the personnel.

4.  Do you get immediate feedback when making a loan request? Immediate feedback is an indication of how much the Lender values the borrower and how the borrower will be treated moving forward throughout the loan term.

5. Are you dealing with the decision maker? If not, this may cause a delay in your loan closing or your loan may not ultimately get approved as requested.

6.  Does the Lender charge any upfront fees? If so, avoid such Lenders because reputable Lenders earn the borrower's business and get paid when the job is performed.

7.  What is the Lender's reputation in the market? Get references from other borrowers or ask around to local brokers for feedback.

8.  Can the Lender close a loan quickly "Time is Money" You are paying for a service and a Lender that cannot move fast will most likely be too busy or over worked to make your loan a priority.

9. Does the Lender use common sense underwriting? A private Lender must be able to think outside the box in order to accomplish a borrower's goal and have knowledge of the market in order to react without having to obtain various unnecessary third party reports, e.g., environmental reports, property inspections, special market studies etc.

10.  Is the pricing competitive? A private Lender is paid a premium for the service they provide, however, it should be reasonable and fair given the current market conditions.


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